Evan Peterson has more than 20 years of experience in information technology designing, developing and managing IT innovations in government, non-profit and private industry. In his role as Chief Information Officer, Peterson strives to provide technology-related innovations to Neighborhood Centers staff and the communities they serve.

Peterson joined Neighborhood Centers in October 2012 as Vice President of Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, overseeing more than 100 applications and providing technology solutions to more than 1,000 employees as well as the community. He has begun implementing enterprise-class technical standards in an effort to evolve the IT Department and lay the technological foundation necessary to support the fast-growing needs of the organization.

Prior to joining Neighborhood Centers, Peterson earned a BBA in Business Analysis and Research – MIS from Texas A&M University. Peterson began his career at Pennzoil developing oil and gas related software before working as a consultant with BSI Consulting where he developed software for numerous small and large businesses including Shell, Second Baptist, University of Houston and Harris County.

Peterson later served as Director of Information and Technology for the Harris County District Clerk’s Office where he oversaw a multi-million dollar budget and supported a data center with 24×7 business requirements and real-time disaster recovery data redundancy. He designed, architected and developed a comprehensive enterprise-class document management system used today throughout the Harris County justice community to securely manage more than 250 million pages of Civil, Criminal, Family and Juvenile case documents.

During his tenure with Harris County, Peterson received statewide recognition for bringing cutting edge innovations to the government sector through the use of targeted technology implementation as a means of realizing greater efficiencies for government agencies and increasing the public availability of court data and documents. Peterson also developed and implemented numerous other applications including a secure web portal which allowed the office to distribute documents online, generating more than $1 million in revenue while drastically reducing office resource involvement.

Peterson also led various technology committees including serving as the chairperson for the Harris County Justice Technology Committee and participating at the state level as a liaison member to the Texas Supreme Court’s Judicial Committee on Information Technology.