In anticipation of President Obama’s Deferred Action Program, which goes into effect today, Neighborhood Centers Inc. offers the media covering this program the following statement:

“With Deferred Action comes a historic moment for our country and a crucial moment for the 30,000 childhood arrival individuals in Houston who would be eligible and who are currently students in high school, have graduated from high school, serve in the military or enrolled in college in Houston, many of whom have sought guidance at Neighborhood Centers over the years. In the past, Neighborhood Centers has worked diligently to keep families together. Our robust programs and educational seminars have been a model for other organizations. And under this change, we’ll continue to do the same. But because policy changes can often be confusing to those they affect, we’re offering additional guidance,” said Frances Valdez, Neighborhood Centers immigration attorney.

We’re happy to put you in contact with our DREAMers, like Mario Perez, a math and statistics major at Stephen F. Austin University who was in removal proceedings in March 2011. Neighborhood Centers managed to keep Mario united with his family, friends and community.

-Neighborhood Centers hosted a series of DREAMers Summits throughout the summer. Nearly 2,000 DREAMers and concerned individuals attended these informational sessions.

-Neighborhood Centers is also one of the few agencies that has built the capacity with other DREAMers organizations nationally under the United We Dream conference to assist DREAMer as they go through the Deferred Action process. Recently, Valdez traveled to Denver to be part of a National Conference and present Neighborhood Centers’ Deferred Action Toolkit, which specifies how to hold community workshops based on Neighborhood Centers’ model.

-Neighborhood Centers will host a Deferred Action Program to provide a clear road map for DREAMers:  

Deferred Action Program August Workshop Hosted by Neighborhood Centers:
Where: Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center
6500 Rookin St. Houston, TX 77074
When: Saturday, August 25, 2012
From 1 p.m. to 3 p.m.,
By appointment only

Call 713-273-3707 or email

Frances Valdez is available to discuss Deferred Action, how it is affecting Houston DREAMers and how our community is responding. We’d love for you to attend the workshop, and we’re happy to help provide information for the stories you’re working on. Feel free to contact me for more information.