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On Friday, June 15th 2012, President Obama announced a shift in policy regarding deportation of certain eligible youth. Often talked about under the umbrella of "The Dream Act".

Neighborhood Centers Inc, along with our Partner FIEL (Immigrant Youth Organization) have organized a series of DREAMer Information Summits. Our first summit at Baker-Ripley Neighborhood Center had a crowd of nearly 800. Subsequent DREAMer Information Summits were held at our Ripley House and Cleveland Ripley Neighborhood Centers, totaling nearly 1,600 people in attendance.

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Following, you will find a summary of the information shared at our DREAMer Information Summits.
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On June 15, 2012, The Secretary of The Department of Homeland Security announced that individuals who meet certain criteria will be permitted to request deferred action status.On individuals who meet the following criteria will be allowed to apply:

Came to the United States under the age of 16;

Has continuously resided in the United States for at least 5 years preceding June 15, 2012 and is present in the United States on June 15, 2012;

Is currently in school or has graduated from high school, has obtained a GED, or is an honorably discharged veteran of the Coast Guard or the Armed Forces of the United States;

Has not been convicted of a felony offense, a significant misdemeanor offense, multiple misdemeanor offenses, or otherwise poses a threat to national security or public safety;

AND Was not above 30 years old on June 15, 2012.

DHS will review applications on a case by case basis. Individuals who qualify will be granted deferred action for two years subject to renewal.They will also be permitted to request work authorization for the length of the deferred action.

Deferred Action is administrative relief from deportation.Deferred Action is not amnesty; not immunity; not permanent; not a pathway to a green card or citizenship; not legal status; and does not allow youth to vote or petition for family members.Only the Congress, acting through its legislative authority, can confer the right to permanent lawful status.

DHS does not currently have a process to request deferred action.A process will be announced in August of 2012.


Speak to an experienced lawyer or accredited representative

Start collecting documents.Examples of documents that might demonstrate criteria are: financial records, medical records, school records, employment records, and military records, diplomas, GED certificates, report cards, and school transcripts, certified letter of disposition from county court.

If you are NOT in removal proceedings, DO NOT apply for deferred action at this time. The Administration is not yet accepting applications. A process should be ready in August.

Be on your best behavior!Do not commit any crimes.

Do not seek advice from or hire a notary!

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