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I Got My Husband Back.
The Garcia couple revitalize their spirit at Neighborhood Centers.

After Alvaro Garcia’s stroke, his physical mobility was limited and was at risk for regressing in socialization skills, memory, speech, and other functions. Martha Garcia, like any loving wife, was concerned. Seniors are at great risk after stroke – the isolation that often follows can be even more dangerous than the stroke itself. Luckily for the Garcias, help was just a phone call away.

Seniors participate in EnhanceFitness at Senior Centers all across Houston.
"I heard about Neighborhood Senior Centers on TV and I enrolled us in the program," Martha says. Her husband now attends EnhanceFitness three times a week at Ripley House Neighborhood Center. This evidence-based exercise class designed specifically for seniors has helped him tremendously, Martha says, adding that the classes have done more for him than physical therapy has. "He’s improved in all aspects – physically, socially, cognitively, in his speech." Martha says.

Alvaro and Martha attribute these improvements to the emotional benefits of all the socializing they get to do with other seniors through EnhanceFitness. Socialization is a core component of this program which, in 2011, helped an 93 percent of participants significantly increase their physical activity and 89 percent decrease isolation.

The Garcias are one example of hundreds of success stories that are made possible through the great programming and caring individuals at Neighborhood Senior Centers.

For now, the Garcias are delighted that they can dance once again, especially in the Senior Center’s monthly birthday dance in front of all the new friends they’ve made.

For many Seniors, Neighborhood Centers is a literal life line.

"I’ve got my husband back," Martha Garcia says, celebrating her husband’s recovery after suffering a stroke, with a long-awaited dance.

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