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Young Neighbors

Young Neighbors: Houston's New Storytellers

The newly formed professional group - Young Neighbors - has been established through Neighborhood Centers to provide a platform for young leaders in Houston.

The inaugural gathering was held in June 2011 at the week-old Microsoft Store in the Galleria. The crowd of young professionals that gathered want to help build local communities and see the difference they've made.

Whether your passion is in youth, health, immigration, finance, seniors, education or other areas, Neighborhood Centers can offer experiences and opportunities for Young Neighbors to impact Houston in a new way. Along the way, these leaders will become new storytellers for the city.
More photos from the inaugural
Young Neighbors gathering at
the Microsoft Store can be
viewed on Flickr

Young Neighbors aims to help leaders...
  • create a meaningful relationship with the organization…
  • steer and guide special projects and initiatives…
  • be connected to others under a vision of a prosperous city…
  • have more access, greater connection and experiences in Houston… and
  • become increasingly motivated to cultivate a passion to serve people…

The bottom line, of course, is to keep Houston a place of opportunity for all those working for a better life.

Angela Blanchard, President and CEO of Neighborhood Centers, briefly outlined what the Young Neighbors could expect, and offered three encouragements:
  • It’s your turn to share your skills – find your passion and do something!
  • It’s your turn to see “behind the city” – get an insider's look at city council meetings, the Port of Houston, Transtar and more.
  • It’s your turn to tell your story – build experiences and see a change.

Want to become a Young Neighbor? Fill out this brief form and we'll include you in upcoming event invitations!

Not on Facebook? Questions can be directed to youngneighbors@neighborhood-centers.org