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Vision & Mission

Bringing resources, education and connection to emerging neighborhoods.
Individuals and communities living up to their full potential.
Core Values
Respect & Responsiveness
Neighborhood Centers Inc. believes in the individual and invests in people. We have a fundamental respect for individuals and their dignity, regardless of their situation in life. Through our actions and words, we show others that we care about them personally, providing a vision of what they can become. Our compassion builds their self-esteem and our services fuel their self-sufficiency. We provide tools and a supportive environment so that people can grow physically, intellectually, and emotionally. We strive to understand the needs of our clients and to make a positive difference in their lives. We listen to their concerns with empathy and acknowledge that they are the sole reason we exist. Through our responsive programs, we remain steadfastly committed to the communities we serve and seek to ensure that members of those communities have a voice in all we do.

Leadership & Excellence

Neighborhood Centers Inc. takes leadership seriously and continually aims to be leaders through the services we provide and in the communities we serve. We wholeheartedly embrace our role as a leader in our community and strive to redefine the human services arena by paving the way for advancements. We cherish our heritage of leadership in our local communities and on a state and national level. We set high standards for ourselves and demonstrate dedication in achieving them. We reject mediocrity and have a passion for excellence, relentlessly pursuing it in everything we do.

Accountability & Integrity

Neighborhood Centers Inc. is accountable to our clients, our funders, our service partners and each other. We recognize our responsibility to remain good stewards of the resources that are entrusted to us and to ensure the quality of the services we provide. We focus on results and take decisive action that is in the best interest of our clients. Through the integrity of our actions, we protect the credibility of our agency and ourselves. When dealing with other entities, we establish boundaries in order to remain true to our vision, values and strategic directions. We recognize our duty to preserve our own unique organizational culture while at the same time collaborating with external stakeholders. When our partners ask us to provide information or offer our expertise, we honor the trust placed in us by always supplying honest answers and feedback. We are not afraid to admit our mistakes but take immediate action to correct and prevent them in the future.

Growth & Innovation

Neighborhood Centers Inc. promotes the growth and development of our employees, our clients, our organization and our industry. We foster an environment that encourages responsible risk-taking, challenges the status quo and seeks constant improvement. By searching for innovative solutions, we stretch our resources, assist our clients in achieving their goals and take creative action to help them build a better future. We are committed to strengthening our partnerships and systems. We collaborate with our partners, value their contributions and build relationships based on a philosophy of abundance, recognizing that ample resources exist. We facilitate growth in our industry by sharing our ideas and best practices and by learning from the successes of other agencies.

Diversity & Inclusiveness

Neighborhood Centers Inc. builds relationships with fellow employees, clients and partners based on trust, dignity and integrity. We rely on each other and succeed together, as a team. We gain strength from our differences and esteem our broad cultural backgrounds. We maintain our presence in diverse communities and welcome all that benefit from our services. We remove employment barriers; thus, our employees reflect the communities we serve. By striving to sustain our inclusive atmosphere, we ensure that no person feels invisible. We give people the freedom to express themselves and respect their individual contributions.

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