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Strategic Directions

Research shows that, demographically and culturally, Houston is a precursor for what Texas will look like in the next 10-15 years. Texas, in turn, will be the model for what the nation looks like in the middle of the 21st century. We have the incredible opportunity before us to shape the way America thinks, responds and works in a multicultural environment.
For us to realize the benefits of these opportunities and to realize our vision of individuals and communities living up to their full potential, Neighborhood Centers Inc. has embraced strategic directions that will guide our work over the next three to five years:

Our plan defines the agency’s approach to serving vulnerable neighborhoods throughout the Gulf Coast region, the strategic directions where we will perform the work directly, and those where we will partner.


We work to discover and support the strengths that reside in individuals, organizations, and neighborhoods, and see these strengths as a means of transformation.

We work cooperatively across agency departments and divisions to ensure that each neighbor has access to all that Neighborhood Centers has to offer.

We build and expand our efforts through committed leadership at all levels of the organization with employees who are willing to take ownership of ideas and projects.

We look ahead for trends and prepare ourselves for their arrival, while maintaining the ability to respond quickly when the unexpected happens.

We understand our responsibility to the community as an agency that has a long history and substantial capacity.

We encourage collaboration and foster partnerships that improve delivery of needed services, while promoting efficient use of community resources.

We possess an unconditional willingness to help.

We develop and distribute communication materials that help us shape public perception on key issues, and lead to greater funding and resources for the communities we serve.


1. Respond with people-centered recovery efforts to disasters of any type or scale along the Texas Gulf Coast.

2. Support seniors in independent living through centers that promote healthy, active lifestyles.

3. Develop schools that achieve educational excellence with emphasis on family and community engagement.

4. Create and promote pathways to citizenship for immigrants and refugees working for a better life.

5. Create opportunities for low income families to improve financial resiliency.

6. Administer large scale service delivery programs which strengthen family and community systems.

7. Strengthen vulnerable communities through neighborhood investment and assisting families to achieve home ownership.

8. Help emerging communities and organizations articulate identity and secure representation.

9. Teach youth skills that lead to healthy productive life choices and active civic engagement.


10. Improve community health through wellness programs and access to health care services.
11. Connect adults to learning opportunities that improve employability and enrich daily life.

12. Link low income adults to employment that improves their financial situations.

13. Build technology and internet access for families that expands opportunities and participation in our economy.

14. Ensure functioning systems for people-centered recovery in times of disasters.

15. Maximize the usage of community resources for the benefit of the community.

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