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Our Stories

For more than 103 years, Neighborhood Centers Inc. has been transforming the lives of deserving Houston-area residents.

Feature Story
Danny's Promise.
"I want to be a veterinarian," the smiling ninth-grader, Danny Sosa, confidently tells the world.
Video Stories:

Operation Welcome Home
Ms. Lorene Bell comes home
after the Stay Connected disaster
recovery program repairs her
Hurricane Ike damaged home.
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Houstonians that came from a variety of backgrounds have one thing in common, they all belong!
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Some changes have been huge, providing a better, more positive path toward the fulfillment of individual dreams. Others, while smaller in scope, have been just as important, as we’ve helped connect parents, children, and seniors with programs and services that have enabled them to confront and overcome the challenges of day-to-day life.
Whether they’re large or small, these stories paint a true picture of how Neighborhood Centers, our volunteers, and our contributors are making a difference in the lives of people who need it most.
Watch video excerpts from speaking engagements of Angela Blanchard, President & CEO of Neighborhood Centers Inc.