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Leading by Example

Leading by Example
Gene Wu Shows Future U.S. Citizens What it Means to Give Back 
Gene Wu conducts
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You might think that working as an assistant district attorney, serving on two nonprofit boards, and tutoring at-risk youth would pretty much fill out your day. Gene Wu found room for one more duty on his calendar: serving as a volunteer for Neighborhood Centers Inc. Since 2007, Gene has volunteered at more than 30 Immigration Forums and now works to train other volunteers to assist people in need.
"I love my adopted country and want to help," he says. "I am from China, and I learned to appreciate the benefits and privileges that come with being a U.S. citizen. I want to make sure that those who want to become a citizen are afforded the opportunity to do so."
Gene lives in the Gulfton/Sharpstown community, a Promise Neighborhood recognized as one of the most diverse in the nation. Thanks to a planning grant to Neighborhood Centers from the Department of Education, residents of the community have the chance to spur revitalization through education.

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