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What We Do

Neighborhood Centers Inc. is structured into three distinct divisions, each one with its own unique focus – Community Based Initiatives, Choices in Education and Public Sector Solutions.
Community Based Initiatives

Community Based Initiatives supports neighborhood development through our network of neighborhood Centers.

We use an asset-based approach to identify and build upon the unique economic and social strengths of individual neighborhoods and the people who live there.

Our programs focus on economic development, leadership opportunities, immigration and citizenship and connections to health and education for families.

We also link youth to educational and developmental opportunities via enriching, rewarding after-school and summer activities.

For seniors, we offer a variety of programs and services such as nutritious meals, exercise programs and opportunities for recreation and socialization.
Our Stay Connected program is a hands-on, one-on-one effort to provide long term disaster relief and help hurricane evacuees rebuild their lives.
Choices in Education
Through our Choices in Education division, we’ve created an innovative school system that provides opportunities for young people to flourish, grow and succeed.

Our program begins in infancy for at-risk children, with Early Head Start and Early Childhood Education Centers, and continues with Head Start and preschool programs for children prior to kindergarten.

Our successful Charter School has been recognized by the Texas Education Agency for its standardized test results, and our high standards and rigorous curriculum give students the foundation they need for a lifelong love of learning.

Public Sector Solutions
Public Sector Solutions draws on our expertise and long history of developing efficient and effective nonprofit delivery systems that ensure the flow of resources toward specific service goals.

We offer contracted services to governmental agencies and a wide range of administrative services from accounting to human resources to information technology.

Through our Management Organizational Development Services, we share our knowledge and systems with other nonprofits that result in improved services to low-income families.

We encourage you to explore this website and learn more about Neighborhood Centers Inc. and the many ways we work to make Houston a better place to live.